Facebook Integration

1) Initial Facebook App settings

1) Create a new app at:
(for more details visit: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/apps/register )

2) Go to

3) Select your app

4)Go to settings/basic and add the site url to Website - Site URL

5) Go to products

6) Add Facebook login

7) Go to Products/Facebook Login/Settings

8) Set Valid OAuth Redirect URIs to
{your site url}/DesktopModules/DnnSharp/Common/WebHandlers/DnnSharpFacebook.ashx/

2) Where to find Facebook App ID and App Secret

1) Go to

2) Select your app

3) Limitations:

Facebook post permissions

1) All Administrators, Developers and Testers can automatically post, for all other users you must go at https://developers.facebook.com , go to Status & Review - Add items to this Submission and add publish_actions. Facebook must review and approve this featurs.

2) Requires HTTPS

4) Side notes

The Facebook Login action also creates the FacebookId profile property. And stores the created users Facebook client id in it.